Our center performs as a One Stop Shop for NGS including Library prep, sequecning services, mycoplasma testing and kinases pathway analysis

The Genome Technology Center at the Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan University in the Galilee is determined to support basic and applied research in a professional and quick manner

At the GTC we provide quick and affordable solutions.

Our customers include university researchers, hospitals and Industry .

We provide consulting and guidance along the way.


We established a 16S pipeline from start to finish.  

RNAseq Library pools are optimized and reads are maximized.​  


Single cell analysis using C1 is established.​

Directional RNA from mamalian cells. 

Small RNA and MiRNA from Plasma, Serum and Platelets.



We have various happy customers which could testify about our professional and efficient servise.

Internal BIU researchers
Other Universities